Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I really do care...

If I'm speaking with you. I care what you have to say. I care how youre feeling. I care what youre going through. I feel like in order for society to be successful as a whole, we must care for each other. Like one big support system. I dont understand why some people feel the need to be angry with the world and negative all the time. I know we all go through things and Id love to help those people that deal with it by being angry.

When I speak to someone.. a stranger. anyone.. I truly do care.. I believe more people should. More people should take time to talk to more people. Appreciate others for who they are, even if its not something you believe in.
I work with so many different individuals everyday, and thats what I love about life itself... all the different people with different stories, different cultures, different beliefs. We need to all love one another. Showing signs of respect and love for others brings happiness all around. It creates an atmosphere, a vibe, .. whatever you want to call it, and its a good one to be in!Try your hardest to sincerely care of  what someone is saying to u no matter where you are, who youre talking to, or however they came into your path.. you never know what knowledge they have to share with you. Its delightful :D

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