Hiding under a wheel
You can't find me
You can't feel how I feel
It's wet, cold, and raining
You run around with the urge to kill
Soon this night will be light
For life is pursuing
My wheel I hold tight
To drive, I'm doing.

I can hear you when your far away
Using words that I can't explain
I can feel you in my heart
Even though we're far apart
When you're hurting, I feel your pain
Some would say, that is insane
A special place in my heart is saved
For your name, it is engraved.

Spread your wings and fly, butterfly...
I've been down
Have you?
I know hard times
I know struggling through
I know pain
I've felt the abuse
I've walked through rain
I've been used
If you have
Stand with me
Stand tall with me
You're now the thunder
You can't go under
The rain doesn't phase you
Be proud, you raised you
Now you can face them
Your memories, erase them.

Wishing you happiness and love, The courage to rise above, Wishing you security and strength, To never give up. Wishing you smiles and laughter, To be without tears, Wishing you to have faith, Through all the years. Wishing you relaxation and peace, That all your troubles would seize, Then we could be together, Just you and me.

My fuckin life, Jus a lil girl, Days look like nights, a fucked up world, A crack head here, A whore fuckin there, Get out of my house, He pulls her by her hair, What did I do, She asks dad, I really didn't mean, To make you mad, He doesn't even know, What hes doin, His fuckin meths the only thing hes pursuin, She stays strong, Even though her bones would break, Her spirit sings a song, That he can't take, Risin above, Someone pulls her under, Aint no love, in this mothafuckin thunder, Stormy fuckin weather, fuck her too, Things are gettin better, This is a life thats new, Niggas talk down, Niggas wanna trip, Imma mothafuckin hustla, They just talk shit.

I want so bad to share with you, The things in life I’m going through, How can we have grown so far apart, When we weren’t even close from the very start?
It seems there was no chance to try, My eyes can’t see you, They just cry, As I think of the times thats passed us by. Each tear I shed for every word, You said, I wish I had never heard.
I try my best to think of things, You’ve done right in raising me And theres one thing I don’t regret, Something that I’ll never forget.
Is the loneliness in the silent noise, then the echoe in your angry voice. You taught me to believe in what I do, because I had to be without you.
I found good in the midst of bad, Thats when I realized what I actually had.
So even though I pray one day, We’ll have a relationship like no other. I know that I can always say, No matter what, I’ll have my mother!

Soaking up the water from my skin
All my hurts and wounds, Only I can mend
I'm not waiting on the sun to heal me
I'm not waiting for the moon to care
I'm living my life to the fullest
I know they'll always be there
I wanna know me
I want to rise
Far above the sky
When its dark
I'm still standing high
I know I can make my dreams reality
My goals I'm reaching for, I can already see.

You leave and I stay, Waitin on you everyday, Aveces it gets lonely, And I just sit and pray, I wish you would be here, Holdin me more often, By time you get home, Imma be dead in a coffin, You gotta be fuerte, To get through this, Lonely days it's quiet, But it's not bliss, Happy we're together, Quiero ser forever, All I can say, It's some lonely days.
Lonely days without you, If I knew before, This is still what I would choose, Lonely days, Feelin blue, You'll be home, I hope that its soon.
No puedo dormir, For so many reasons, Hearin noises en la noche, And people breathin, It's not the same, Sleepin alone, Cuando estas aqui, It's a peaceful home, No reason to cook when its just me, So I have a sandwich, Or just dont eat. I miss your affection, When we hug and kiss, Now tengo a collection, of moments we've missed. Nothin keeps me busy enough, My minds still on you, This is tough, Pero we always make it through.

Always busy, Never slows down, Works hard, All around town, She protects her family, And her dinero, Her name is *****, Mentiras, Cero, People around, Have hurt her I know, Still strong is her sound, They'll reap what they sew, It seems as though, She lives for others, Everyone knows, Shes the mother of mothers, Always an example of what is right, I'll be successful, with her as my light, With her is an answer, No matter the situation, When she's by my side, Theres no complication.... Thank you for being there, Through good and bad, Thank you for listening, When I am sad, Thank you for always, Showing you care, Through all the days, I know youre there...... In my dreams, Theres one, Who deserves the appreciation, The one is my mom, My inspiration!

No more tears, All the shit I been through, From Zero ta now...
Its all becoming clear, I know what I need to do, This is how...
All yall that hurt me, Its comin a hundred times worse, Theres a thing called karma, Its gon put you in a hearse.
You think I didnt pick up, On all the evil things you did?
Theres a time and place for everything and when I see you thats it.
You think you gonna harm me, Bitch you better think twice.
I dont need an army, I roll you like dice.
Youre a dumb nigga, Youre a coward
Always doped up, Youve only soured
Im makin a life for me and yall not in it
You punk ass bitches
Stay the fuck away
This is my business.

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